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We work toward sustainability and connecting volunteers directly with the community

Voluntario Global has been working with many social organizations and communities in Buenos Aires for over 10 years. These organizations include kindergartens, educational centers, and community clinics, thus creating a network of solidarity and collaboration among all and helping with resources and volunteers.

In 2008, Voluntario Global, the volunteer organization behind Pacheco Community Center, founded its first Youth Cooperative that is still running today. This cooperative is a laundry center named Su Lavanderia and has employed over 50 young students from poor neighborhoods who were studying at university and so working at the cooperative they were able to have an income without dropping out of school.

This experience has inspired us to believe that the Pacheco Community Center can be a valuable part of this network.


Our Story

Our Story

Over 1800 volunteers and 20 different volunteer opportunities in Argentina.


From Voluntariado Global to Pacheco "Community and Sustainability"

  • 2006


    Foundation of Voluntario Global. One of our aims is mutual exchange between local communities in Buenos Aires and foreign volunteer eager for a deeper understanding of them. Voluntario Global began with the creation of continuing education programs in different community centers.

  • 2007


    Foundation of Red de Turismo Responsable (RTR). This is a partner organization in Argentina that helps to promote responsible tourism practices. Voluntario Global is a certified member of this organization.
  • 2008


    Our first Cooperative project was founded. “SU Lavanderia” is a laundry center created to generate employment for young people from the communities where Voluntario Global works. The aim of this project is to help youth have a decent job while studying at university.
  • 2009


    Voluntario Global Volunteer House Grand Opening. Creation of "Hacha y Tiza” (Villa Soldati) and "Chisperos" Digital Centers (La Boca).
  • 2010


    Expansion of Voluntario Global Network where three community kindergartens and a Health Center in the neighborhhod of Jose Leon Suarez were added. The goal of adding new projecs to our Network is to help their sustainability and create awarness and solidarity among the rest of our members.
  • 2012


    Dissertation at the "Omprakash Cross-Cultural Education Conference: Learning through Relationships". Play
  • 2013-4


    Creation of Armin’s Dream Grant. With the name of one of our founding members, this scholarship aimed at providing young people from the communities with the opportunity of a volunteer abroad experience. Thanks to this scholarship, four youth traveled to different parts of the world to volunteer, attend seminars and specific courses.
  • 2014


    Foundation of Pacheco Community Center. A place that provides training and work experience in the areas of sustainability, environmental awarness and agricultural production.
  • 2015


    Participation in the yearly "Youth Group” yearly meeting, which is celebrated since 2008 to reflect on and share experiences with young people from all neighborhoods.
  • 2016


    Voluntario Global attended the NAFSA Conference celebrated in Denver, USA. NAFSA is a leading conference in international education.

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Red de Turismo Responsable
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