• Pacheco Continuing Education

    Pacheco Continuing Education

We Promote Environmentally Sustainable Practices

At Pacheco Community Center we believe in involvement through the provision of recreational, cultural activities and education, as well as international volunteer activities, using well-maintained facilities that are accessible and safe.

Many of the young people from the surrounding neighborhoods have not been able to finish their basic studies and therefore can only dream of going to university. The Pacheco Community Center gives them the opportunity to learn a practical trade, work in associativism and be prepare for labor market integration. Another focus is training. We help them build new capacities by offering a variety of activities such as language courses, music and arts workshops.

Not only can they learn about gardening, landscaping and begin an immersion in agroecology philosophy, but also the Pacheco Community Center has a greenhouse for the students to plant fruits and vegetables, which they will be able to sell and generate their own income.

Additionally, the students enrolled in the classes will have access to many gardening tools so that they don’t have to buy their own.

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