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At the Community Center Pacheco we talk about agro-ecology, sustainability and food sovereignty

Written by Valeria Gracia
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Escenas del taller de voluntariado de junio 2016. Escenas del taller de voluntariado de junio 2016.

Talk about agroecology is to propose connect three topics that should never be separated: Nature, production and culture. Meanwhile, sustainability involves three aspects of the human interaction social, economic and political and is a concept that summarizes efforts to achieve development, productivity and long-term social utility.

Agroecology emerged as a new field of scientific knowledge that thinks an ecological conception from social, political and ethical aspects.  Connecting traditional knowledge with technical knowledge for production methods that respect the environment and society, to achieve not only productive goals, such as maximizing production, but also social equality and ecological sustainability of agro ecosystem.

To establish whether a system is sustainable or unsustainable ethical or value judgments are needed. Thus, the sustainability needs of operational axes that can be observed and measurement methods including ecological, economic and social analysis. The idea of equity should include access to resources, such as human rights and all activities that contribute to social welfare.

The sustainability concept allows us to understand the agroecology concept when we understand agriculture as part of a socio-environmental system

Finally, the food sovereignty concept organize the initiatives and practices in the Pacheco Community Center. Food sovereignty meansnutritious meals on a daily basis,appropriate, accessible and produced in harmony with environment. Those who produce, distribute and consume food are the heart of food systems and policies rather than the demands of markets and companies.

Food sovereignty prioritizes local economies and markets, distribution and consumption based on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Valeria Gracia

Founder of Voluntario Global


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