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Gardening Workshops for Adults in Pacheco

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For the first time, since the beginning of our gardening workshops, we organized a 3 month workshop for adults on Pacheco.

The main objective of Pacheco Community since its foundation is to teach young people an occupation that allows them to have a first job, so they can organize their schedules and continue studying at the same time. In addition, we teach young people, through reflection and critical training classes, the meaning of cooperative and associative work culture.

Adults were, until this year, excluded from our actions because we proposed that it was the young people who made the course, once trained, who began to teach for adults. This year, two of our graduate students in 2016 joined our space as coordinators of activities and teachers of the workshop for adults.

We decided to start with a short course, of only three months, that would allow us to learn about the interests of the adults, their learning expectations and the times they have available to do a second course (that should begin in September). Adults of the neighborhood usually work many hours a day and although they have little time we believe it is important that they can have a space to share conversations with other adults, learn to plant and harvest food and replicate this learning in their homes with their families and neighbors.

The workshop for adults, as well as for young people, aims to promote socialization, the discovery of the importance of the community and the networks that link us with those around: community and nature.

Our first workshop is progressing greatly and we already enjoy seeing adults sharing the same spaces as young people, laughing and having fun while learning.

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