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Gardening Tools of Pacheco

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Tools in Pacheco Voluntario Global

Like every year, the most exciting moment for our gardening students is to try out the electric gardening tools. 

Students can only begin to learn to use the machines once they have an advanced level in management of the garden. Mowers, saws, weeders are some of the main machines for daily work in the gardens and their powerful engines call the attention of the young students. 

Led by a teacher and two former students, the young students of the new generation had the opportunity to try each machine. The teacher explained the importance of being careful and focused when handling them since serious accidents can easily occur. Also, they included an explanation about the correct use of security elements in the class before getting to the machines.

The machines and tools stored in Pacheco Community are not only used to teach, but also provided to young people so that when they are close to the end of the course, if they need them to work, they can use them. The hardest thing for young students who strive to learn a trade is to be able to buy the machines and tools necessary to start working. For this reason, at Pacheco Community we organized a system of loans and weekly returns that the students (former and new) themselves coordinate. Former students are in charge of delivering and receiving the loaned machines, verifying that they are in good condition.


In this way, the machines circulate among students to do their first jobs and after a few months, when they begin to have more jobs and save some money, we help them with a loan from Voluntario Global so that they can buy their own machines.

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