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Assemblies in Pacheco Community

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Every Thursday we hold general assemblies in Pacheco Community. This meeting gathers all coordinators who work in the different areas throughout the week. Our aims are essentially to share information about the different tasks being carried out in the community and the follow up of the activities in Pacheco in order to plan ahead accordingly.

The assemblies allows each coordinator to share their evaluations, doubts, as well as propose activities that bring together all community members. Based on topics that are important for them, such as employment, education, family ties or gender, we develop reflection workshops where exchange is the key.

At Pacheco Community we believe that moments of reflection on topics of social and political interest are as important as training in the garden and gardening trade. These moments allow young students to think about themselves from a community perspective, understanding that their problems and doubts are also those of others. These instances motivate the search for associative and solidary alternatives, as well as the understanding of diverse capacities and realities. We call these meetings "general assemblies" because they summon the total of young people, volunteers and coordinators that are part of the community.

Last week, we talked about education and shares a video with statistical data on education Argentina. We discussed the scarce possibility that young people have of an education that allows them to improve their future and enjoy the process of learning and listened to ur young students explaining that they see themselves forced to leave the school in order to look for a job and bring income to their homes. We concluded that, in this way, they lose a scope and a time of socialization with their peers that they will never be able to recover.

In the end, we reaffirmed that school and the university are areas to which young people should be able to access free of charge and with the help of the Government and that in Argentina, while we continue fighting so that this is the case, we should learn from the different community areas where we can share knowledge, and see this as a place where we can educate ourselves as a society.

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