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Celebrating Revolution in Argentina

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Every May 25, we celebrate Argentina's May Revolution (Revolucion de Mayo) in a special way here in Pacheco Community.  

In 1810, we were able to break bonds with the order established by Spain. So in our community, on May 25, we gathered early in the morning to prepare breakfast and continue working in the gardens before the big Celebration.

While some of the students and volunteers began to work the land, others set up the fire or helped to prepare a large stew in the largest pot we could find. By 11 am, the stove was ready and we gathered around it to debate and reflect upon the events of May, the disputes, the patriotic and imperialist positions. Together we thought about the concepts of Revolution, Nation and National Project. We also discussed the need for protest and the value of community above individuality. Here are some of the questions we debated:

  • What concept do I have of the country after the reflection we made? Nation is something we build all the time. The Nation we see every day, is not what we want.
  • When you are a child you think that the country is the flag, the anthem and that has no value to us today without a context.
  • The notion of a Nation limited geographically generates racism and exclusion of immigrants. This not the Nation we want. We do not want a Nation limited by individual values. We want a Nation that welcomes any race, religion and culture. 
  • A Nation is where nobody steals work from anyone because work must exist for everyone, it is a right. When we think of it the other way around, we fall into the trap of capitalism.
  • We can accept those who think differently but not those who go against others with their actions. We should always fight for a common good. Those who walk against the common good betray the homeland that, in the end, are people. 
  • The Nation is what we defend so that everyone can live well, which does not mean consuming more, but having a home, work and education. 

So today we celebrate the Revolution and Resistance forces of the peoples.

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