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A Great Opportunity to Meet People my own Age from Argentina

Written by Emma Kelly
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Visiting the Pacheco project was a beautiful change from the city centre and a great opportunity to meet people my own age from Argentina.

During my three months with Voluntario Global I had the pleasure of joining the Pacheco Project and the young people from the local community for their Wednesday afternoon workshop. I looked forward each week to doing something new, interesting and different for me, and I'm going to miss my visits and all the people from the project so much!

What did I get up to?
My initial aim was to go to the Pacheco project and take photos to show people the activities taking place in the community garden through Voluntario Global's Facebook and website. I would snap away while the young people planted and organised, watered and chopped and dug in the flowers beds and greenhouse.
I also went to Pacheco to join in, I wanted to take part in their activities not only to pick up some gardening skills but also to get to know the people- to chat with the young people, learn more about them, practice my Spanish and create new relationships. Although at first I struggled to understand all of the conversation and the speed at which the young people spoke, by the end of my time with the people from Pacheco I was enjoying and joining in on their jokes, asking questions and even offering suggestions (though not for the gardening!).
After my many weeks with the Pacheco project I leave with some wonderful photos I will look back on for a long time, but more than this I leave blessed to have formed friendships with so many lovely people from completely different backgrounds to my own, and I leave very impressed by the work taking place at the Pacheco Project and the young people’s gardening knowledge.

What did I learn?
Of course after spending many afternoons in the practical gardening workshops and in one or two theory classes I have learnt a few things about gardening. Also, leaving the city and visiting this more distant area I was thrown into using Spanish and so my language has developed a lot and I've learnt vocabulary for topics I had never used before.
However I take from Pacheco much more than just some gardening tips to impress my parents and better Spanish, I have learnt the power of community and seen that amazing things can happen when people from a community come together. I have also realized the power of working together and creating relationships to make change and growth happen- how a community uniting and bonding together can be so successful, and in ways that a separate organization never could. The young people at the Pacheco project are learning valuable skills which will hopefully brighten their future, but they are also creating relationships and working as a team to help each other and succeed together. I feel so very lucky to have been welcomed into this wonderful project.


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