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Towards sustainability

Written by Evelyn Gaucin
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La voluntaria Evelyn Gaucin trabajando en la huerta comunitaria. La voluntaria Evelyn Gaucin trabajando en la huerta comunitaria.

"Becoming a part of the Pacheco Community Center is to become a part of this community’s journey to a more enriched life".

Green pastures, and a warm and welcoming community of people are things that the projects working towards sustainability have in common in Argentina. At first glance, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes the Pacheco Community Center different from the rest. However, if you spend some time with the people from this particular “barrio”, you’ll note that the difference is hope. With classes consisting of about 10 young adults ranging in age from 18-23, Pacheco to them is the opportunity for a fresh beginning.

To put it simply, Pacheco Community Center is working towards sustainable living and doubles as a job cooperative. The aim is for the young people taking the classes to earn the skills necessary so that they can find a job and earn a disposable income with what they’ve learned. The classes are centered around produce, gardening, ecology and environmental science. Volunteers come as an exchange and participate fully with those in the community, both in the courses and the agronomical work. Those in the classes are also able to learn how to use the machinery and equipment necessary to do the job more efficiently. 

In other projects around Argentina, such as Cordoba and Patagonia, you will find opportunities very similar and tailored around the idea of conservability and eco-friendly practices. However, Pacheco is not just about learning a sustainable way of life for the planet; it’s also about learning how these young people can sustain their families as well. 

The sustainable garden in Pacheco offers taking part on a different level of community engagement. The space itself lends the opportunity for tightly knit reunions between members of the community and volunteers. Because it is in a suburban part of Buenos Aires, it has a more laidback atmosphere than that of the city, and the everyday stresses of urban life are further away.

Becoming a part of the Pacheco Community Center is to become a part of this community’s journey to a more enriched life.

Evelyn Gaucin

Volunteer at the Pacheco Community Center





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