Volunteer Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn Spanish at Pacheco Community Center?

If you have a basic level of spoken Spanish, the work at the community centre will help you to gain skills that allow you to communicate more fluently in Spanish.

Can I be a volunteer at Pacheco Community Center if I don’t have any knowledge about sustainability?

Yes, there are a wide range of options available to volunteers. The objective is that this experience enriches volunteers with new knowledge. All help is welcome, volunteers simply need to be enthusiastic to collaborate and learn within the community.

Can I stay for longer than two weeks at Pacheco Community Center?

Yes, we recommend a minimum of two weeks in order to take advantage of the experience, but there isn’t a limit on the amount of time you can spend collaborating with the community as a volunteer.

How do I apply to be a volunteer at Pacheco Community Center?

After applying, using the button “I Want To Be A Volunteer”, a member of our organization will contact you to inform you of the next steps.

Does the volunteer house have internet connection so that I can contact my family?

Pacheco Community Center has Wifi so that volunteers are always able to contact family, friends or whoever they’d like.

Is the international airport close to Pacheco Community Center?

Ezeiza International Airport is 70 minutes from Pacheco Community Center, using ‘Ruta Nacional Nº 2’, ‘Colectora General Paz’ and ‘Ruta Nacional Nº 1’.

Is the cost of travel to Argentina included in the final Price?

No, the paid amount to be a volunteer includes the experience with Pacheco Community Center and the stay at the volunteer house. Volunteers are responsible for the price of the flight.

Can I continue collaborating with Pacheco Community Center, once I return to my home country?

Volunteers can always follow Pacheco Community Center, by checking the Voluntario Global web page (www.voluntarioglobal.org) and we will inform you how you can continue being a volunteer.

I want to volunteer abroad in Argentina

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