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Can we all Access Higher Education?

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Part of last week's discussion with the youth at Pacheco Community Center, was the dreams of attending university and what are the difficulties to achieve them.

In a meeting with the young people who attend our gardening course, we talked about a video interview with a young girl from a neighborhood who witnessed the reality of many young people who cannot choose to study because their families are not able to afford it; and they can't work and study sometimes because of schedules overlaps.

Although universities in Argentina are free, this does not guarantee that all have access to it. The problem is not only the economic support, but also the low education they got during middle school. Therefore, it is difficult for them to understand the classes and texts, which causes frustration and lowers their self-esteem and, makes them feel disappointed despite the effort.

Community spaces like Pacheco aim to reflect on these issues, and give young people the confidence they need. Here,  they discover that it is not only them who have difficulties, or need to put more effort, they also discover  they can achieve it and there are others who can help them.

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