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Funny Tales from Pacheco Community Centre Featured

Written by Emma Kelly
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Funny Tales from Pacheco Funny Tales from Pacheco Voluntario Global

During my last Wednesday afternoon at the Pacheco agroecology project, conversation whilst organizing the flower beds turned to funny tales. The young people who come to Pacheco Community Centre every week were reflecting on some of their funniest moments and best stories since the project began and here are a few to share with you.

Lunch didn’t quite go to plan!

One of the key sessions at the Pacheco Community Centre takes place on a Saturday, and after the group have finished their work, they like to sit together to cook and eat lunch. Some of the students had some funny stories to tell about when their lunch wasn’t quite what they had expected.

One week the group decided it would be a nice idea to buy some burger patties and cook outdoors using the BBQ. The group can be quite large so in order to save some money, they decided to buy the less expensive burgers. Unfortunately, it seemed these burgers were not quite fit for a BBQ and when the girls started to cook them, they completely fell apart! Lunch that week was a treat of burnt and coal covered burger pieces, “they were horrible!”.

Another week one of the members of the group offered to cook for everyone, a special pork dish he had planned. The group finished their work at around 1pm and were ready to begin enjoying their lunch, eager to try this dish prepared for them by their friend. However, this not-so-reliable chef didn’t arrive at the Pacheco centre until 3pm! By this point the hard workers were starving, so an exciting pork dish became burgers once again!

Getting to grips with gardening tools

When the members of Pacheco community centre first started the project, they were completely new to gardening. Understandably, their first times using the machines and equipment didn’t always go so smoothly, and some of these made for some funny tales!

One of the girls explained that the first time the group used lawn mowers. “We were like tortoises!” “No one was walking in a straight line!”. As you can imagine, the grass after that session was looking a little more interesting and less uniform than the group had originally hoped. Fortunately, the group have managed to avoid some near accidents handling new machines for the first time and they now like to look back on these moments and laugh!

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