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A New Generation of Gardeners in Pacheco

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Last Saturday, a new group of students began the 2018 course and hopefully, by the end of this year, they will have received much more than their diplomas.

The new group of young people arrived early for breakfast and had some time to meet each other. Later, they began to work on the outer beds to prepare them for the next planting. At the end of the practical class they had a theory class under the trees. During the first classes, new students learn the fundamental concepts with which they will work throughout the year. They define and learn about agroecology, mainly, because that is the form we choose in Pacheco Community to work our crops and also how we understand respect for nature. But they also reflect on concepts such as food sovereignty and the importance of healthy eating for physical and mental development.

Before the new generation have finished the class, the old generation started to show up to receive their diplomas for last year's course. Thus, an enriching experience took place, one where the old generation talked about the things they have learnt and how much they have grown by being part of this community. At the end of the day, teachers and coordinators delivered the diplomas to the graduate students and we shared a great end and a bright beginning.

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