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Community Working towards a Common Goal

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The social organizations in the neighborhood of Pacheco assume diverse tasks. Education at all levels is one of our main concerns, so we arrange school support workshops for children and young people.

At the same time, we teach about healthy eating through the soup kitchens in our community. And we always work together to find solutions to our everyday challenges. In this way, in the Pacheco Community we promote that young people, through the gardeners' trade, work for their own community. We hope that in the near future the products of the garden can be sold at fair prices to neighbors and community institutions in the neighborhood.

We believe that training young people in trades and cooperative values, they can achieve a generation of income that will be important for the whole community, as it will also generate work and interest among the inhabitants. Thinking at a local level is linked to thinking about a new economy that allows to solve the daily needs of people and entire communities. In the past, the State and the market supplied and responded, however, that is not what happens today, so we believe a new economy is needed to resolve the inability of these actors.

Following these practices and directions, we took another step towards integration with the organizations in our neighborhood where various cooperatives operate, including a blacksmith shop. We approached them to ask if they could build a car to be hooked to a bicycle and where we could carry our gardening tools. Of course they could do that! So we worked together in the design and here's the result!

A work that is not only useful but that also a symbol of cooperation that dignifies the work of each person involved.

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