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A Tortoise's Visit

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This week, a tortoise appeared in Pacheco Community. We found it rummaging around the lettuce and the Swiss chard.

We do not know where it came from, but when we found it, it was comfortably resting on a leaf of lettuce. Turtles are not pets. However, in Argentina, there is a habit of buying them to be children's pets. So we checked with a veterinary and we were told that it is a wild species, common in the area.


Three days before we found it, our gardening teacher, Mati, saw it two blocks away from Pacheco Community. The next day one of the students, saw it walking down the middle of the street and put it aside to avoid it being trampled by a car. Yesterday morning, we discovered it enjoying the flavors of our edible plants.

So we all gathered to deliver what to do with it, as everyone had their own opinions about it. Our main concern was how to feed it properly and make sure it had water to drink. Tomatoes seemed to be its favorite food, one of the students said. The other big concern was what to do with the dogs! So we introduced the tortoise to them, they smelled it and they seemed to integrate it in the pack.  

We felt it was safe for it here and we decided go out and ask the neighbors if they knew anything about a missing tortoise. But no-one seemed to know about it. So we all agreed to keep it. 

We did some research as well about tortoises and found out that our new member of the community is female and —after a long discussion— we decided to name her Aurora.

So Aurora now enjoys our company and we enjoy hers in the gardens of Pacheco Community.

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