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As a way to say goodbye to year 2017, the community members at Pacheco decided to use colorful ribbons to receive the students in their last day of gardening lessons. 

We asked each community member to choose a ribbon, of the color, texture and length that they preferred and to keep it in their pockets.

The lessons started and the rest of us worked in the greenhouse organizing the plants that grow, tutoring tomatoes, removing weeds and cutting the grass.

At the end of the work day, we sat down with the young people to share some "mates". At that moment they noticed that there were reeds, which we usually use to hold the weaker plants, and that these were arranged in a cone shape that joined them all at the top. When asking what the structure was, we revealed it had to do with the ribbons we had given them. They laughed for a while without understanding the relationship... until we settled the mystery. The coordinators had put together a structure that symbolized the space that contains us, which gives us the possibility to learn, exchange, dream and think individually and collectively.

Then, we invited them to join that structure, to tie their ribbons to it and to link them with those of the others. A true community space where everyone is different, but unity, organized work and the joy of meeting each other results in something original that identifies us as a community.

At the end of the day, we decorated with lights and thus we finished our year 2017 at Pacheco Community.

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